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mercenary 2citizen

Left - Mercenary 2, 158 x 128cm.  Right - Citizen, 102 x 76cm                                                                                   

Selection from the series Mercenary  
1997 - 1998 various sizes
Pastel and charcoal on paper or mountboard


A re-processing of images from an eclectic range of sources, including Velasqueth, Hogarth, and especially Victorian illustrations from publications such as The London Illustrated News at the height of Empire. Locke has said -

"Drawing is, I suppose, the backbone of what I do; that is where it all comes from....there are certain qualities that you can get from sitting down in front of a building and doing a graphite drawing.  And that’s from life and drawing from life is good in a way, but there are limitations and the imagination is held in check.   And there is the other type of drawing that I do which is me by myself in the studio and that’s the imaginary type of drawing, and that’s usually in pastel or charcoal."

infanta carlosmercenary 1

Left - Infanta Carlos, 102 x 76cm. Right - Mercenary 1, 154 x 128cm