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Fragile - Protect from All Elements
2001     dimensions variable
Cardboard, wood, brown paper, cloth, cellophane, light bulbs
Architecture  Cardboard   Royalty

"This piece was first made with the help of two local craftsmen at Khoj International Artist's Workshop in Modinager, India, two months after the 9/11 attacks. The title refers to both the language of packaging, the actual fragility of the piece, as well as the sense of fragility, uncertainty and exposure I felt living and working in India during this time of extreme tension. Part package, part ritual shelter; based on grottos, nomadic tents and childhood memories of bed-sheet tents, this piece was installed in my bedroom in Modinagar. I used cloth and light to create a stained glass effect which combined with cellophane attempted to disguise the size of a given interior space. The inclusion of cut-outs of the queen reflect an on-going interest in the British monarchy - in this case with particular reference to the Koh-i-noor diamond." - Hew Locke

The piece was re-configured and housed in a new cardboard structure when shown in UK galleries the following year.

Click here to view a film of Fragile - Protect from All Elements at Khoj (2.15 minutes)

Fragile Protect from All Elements 2002 version

Fragile - Protect from All Elements - Angel Row version, 2002. 450 x 650 x 700 cm. Photo courtesy Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham