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All photographs on this page by Zachary Balber, courtesy of Fringe Projects

Reversal of Fortune
printed posters on hoardings and walls, furniture, printed handbills
Finance & Trade, Public Artwork

Commissioned by Fringe Projects Miami, this was a temporary installation in the empty Moray Jewelry store in down town Miami's historic Art Deco Moderne duPont Building. 

The exterior of the installation, 25 meters of hoardings pasted with reproductions of 15 different artworks from Locke's Share series, was viewable through the shop windows 24 hrs a day. Shares were selected in part to reflect local Cuban and Haiitian communities. Companies relating to the trade in gold and precious metals, such as Attasi Mines Ltd from The Gold Coast, were also appropriate to the site. During working hours, visitors could enter inside the empty store to view the images more closely, and follow a trail of his Ferro-Carrill de Guantanamo shares along the floor to discover an office within the vault, clad in reproductions of his Republiques Haiiti share.

On certain days, the vault was activated and you were able to claim your own Ferro-Carrill de Guantanamo 'share' in person and learn a bit about the history of the company. Unfortunately, your now worthless share would be stamped CANCELLED.

Click here to see a 3D tour of the interior of Reversal of Fortune. Photography by Zachary Balber, courtesy of Fringe Projects.

Click here to hear Locke talk about Reversal of Fortune on QRartguide(2 mins).